The new single from British Whale is “England“, a real English footie anthem, and a welcome antidote to the efforts from Embrace, Tony Christie and the Crazy Frog. Listen online now at Myspace! A moving hymn to this very England; to the country, it’s people and its football team, it’s soon to be heard echoing out across terraces the length and breadth of Germany, and is available to pre-order from this very website.


British Whale is the United Kingdom‘s leading purveyor of outstanding music. Our mission? To purvey outstanding music to people throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.


Justin Hawkins was best known as the charismatic frontman of rock behemoth The Darkness. But his début single This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us changed all that, and know he’s set to rewrite the rule-book once more with his unofficial World Cup anthem “England“.


British Whale‘s debut single, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us”, is released August 15 , through Atlantic Records.

On giving the single its UK radio debut, respected disc jockey Jo Whiley likened the vocals to chipmunks, suggesting they were perhaps speeded up. Justin resents this slur on his integrity, the vocals are ‘au naturel‘, recorded entirely at his home. There is no pitch treatment, only echo. “It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t like the track, but to accuse someone of cheating… This is a low-budget, organic sounding home recording.” Justin‘s voice is his talent, his, if you will, gift.

Comparisons with Phantom of the Opera from people who think that TTABEFBOU was originally performed by Queen, or who don’t know the name of the lead singer of Nirvana are essentially worthless. Others have likened the track to inspirational British chanteuse Kate Bush – some criticism! In any case, the track has had the ultimate seal of approval – from Ron and Russel Mael of Sparks, who appreciated the care and craftsmanship that was lavished upon the arrangement. Anyone who disagrees, or doesn’t like the track, has got a smelly bum.

B-side “America” is a collaboration with Chas Bayfield, a fully-pardoned former member of E-Wing, now of The Playboys. A touching tribute to that expansive land its people, it explores the idea of what separates Americans from their contemporaries in Europe and elsewhere. It also features an interpolation of John Stafford Smith‘s music for “The Star-Spangled Banner” that some may intepret as an homage to guitar icon Jimi Hendrix.

Check Out Dermatend Reviews

Why You Should Search and Study the Dermatend Reviews First Before Purchasing and Using the Product

There are many objective reviews that are flooding discussions, forums, and sites that talk about mole removal. Dermatend is a new product in the market today that claims to be a cheap and affordable alternative solution to mole, warts, and other skin blemishes. It is a cream that presents an easy and convenient way to rid unwanted skin pigmentation within just a few days, in the comforts of your own home!

As enticing as Dermatend’s advertisement sounds, one must not immediately leap and try the product without checking about it first. The skin is a sensitive body organ, and any cream or product that is applied to it must be well researched and wisely chosen to prevent any regrets in the future.

Verifying Dermatend’s credibility through those Reviews

One way to ensure the credibility of Dermatend’s claims is to browse among countless comments online. These feedbacks from people who have already tried, tested, and used the product will give you a more realistic perspective of the effects and risks of using Dermatend. In these comments, customers usually post both pros and cons of item, and recommend it for use or not. Products with more recommendations than disapprovals are usually effective, but then again, the effects may vary among different people. What works for one person does not necessarily mean it will work for the other the same way.

The greatest benefit that one can get from all the Dermatend reviews on the internet is the assurance that the product is effective for some. It may have not brought out the desired effects in others, but that is the risk the interested buyer should decide to take or not.

The Best Way to Lose Weight without Exercise

There are so many people who have more weight and of course they want to have the best way to lose their weight. However, many of them do not like to have hard exercise and want to have the simple and instant results. Therefore, they prefer to use the chemical weight loss diet pills to help them in burning their fat. This is not good for them and of course this is not good for their health. They should find the best and the perfect weight loss diet pills that can help them reducing their fat. Furthermore, you can also lose your weight without having the hard exercise and best way to lose weight without exercise can also be easily done.
Well, in losing your weight without any exercise means that you should control your food. The best way to lose weight without exercise is by controlling the sugar, calories, and also the salt since they can make your body have more fat. You should eliminate them or reduce them so that you can have the healthy life with the best and perfect body. Furthermore, in reducing your weight, it is better for you to reduce also the soda and the soft drink since those have more sugar that is not good for your body. You can replace it with the water. Water is the best alternative for you that are healthy for your body and by reducing the consumption of the soft drink you can save a few calories. You can also drink the green tea that has the less sugar and can give so many benefits for you. Besides, you also need to have breakfast since it can help you in firing up your metabolism. Choosing the best and the healthy food is the best and the important thing if you want to diet and of course you should also get the fiber. Fiber can be easily got in the vegetables and in the fruit. Eating them can give the nutrition that your body needs so that your body can get enough energy.

Well, you should also balance your food and your activities because it can also influence you in having the more weight. Of course your body needs energy to do activities and you can get the energy from the food but you should also have activities so that you can burn your fat and not leave and store your fat in your body. This is the right alternative in the best way to lose weight without exercise so that you can get the perfect body that you expect.

DIY minimalist project rustic coffee table

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love a mix of contemporary and rustic design. This hack from IKEA Hackers takes the Klubbo coffee table base and some 2x4s to create a perfect minimalist table with character! I love wood pieces and think that this hack provides a functional, natural accent piece for your living room.

Taking Pride in My Work

I recently had reason to go into a motor registry, twice.

I had tried to do the jobs on line through myRTA, but eventually they defeated me. The biggest problem, in both cases, was proving I was who I said I was, so into the registry I went in person.

I was rather impressed. The SmartQueue worked well and I didn’t have to wait very long, the staff at the counters were cheerful and helpful and my tasks took only a few minutes. Everything worked beautifully and I felt a brief glow of pride that I had played a tiny part in making things work that way.

One of the great things about being an engineer (even a software engineer) is seeing what you have built actually in use and helping people.

I’ve had my share of failures, things that never got off the ground, sometimes justifiably, sometimes not, things that made it through to prototype and worked beautifully, but weren’t what my corporate masters wanted, and a few that went out into the real world.

The first of these was a single-board computer built of medium-scale integrated circuits. (The most elaborate IC was a four-bit arithmetic unit; it had five of them.) This computer controlled a queueing telephone exchange (as used at what are now called call-centres) that was designed and built here in Australia. When I left Ericcson, four of these had been delivered and something like fifteen were on order. Fifteen years later I read that several hundred were in use around the world and still used my computer. (The article gave me the impression they were still manufacturing them, but I really doubt that; I think they would have trouble getting the parts.) So I built something that lasted fifteen years at least. Big glow of pride there.

Telectronics designed and manufactured cardiac pacemakers. These are gadgets implanted into people to make their hearts run properly. They need to be set and adjusted for each patient and they keep records of what they are doing to help the cardiologists work out what to do next. My task was to provide the device that enabled them to do this. I don’t know how many were made, but they would have been in use as long as the batteries lasted in the implants. That would have been ten or fifteen years after we stopped manufacturing them.

Toshiba makes printers and I can’t lay claim to a whole printer, but I can lay claim, in their PostScript printers, to the colour and image processing components. They were certainly used in real products sold to real people while I was there and presumably for some years after. People won’t know of me or of my work; they will just expect their printer to work. But I know that without me they wouldn’t work as well, or maybe even, wouldn’t have a Toshiba printer, and in that I take pride.

NYC Dog Walkers

Why would someome employ a dog walker? One of the main reason why dog walking business, such as NYC Dog Walkers, are doing well is because many people prefer to have their dog’s walked while they are at work so that their dog can have long walks. If they were to do it themselves, then the walks would likely be short ones because when they get home from work, they would be tired already. In short, they would rather pay firms like New York City Dog Walkers ( NYC Dog Walkers ) to do it on their behalf.

Another reason is that the dog owner may not be able to walk their pet because of difficulties caused by injury or illness.

In addition to that, older people often opt for dog walking services from firms such as New York Dog Walkers because they themselves cannot walk long distances. They still keep dogs for companionship.

There are many dog walking services all over the world. In New York, for instance, many dog walking service providers offer semi-private to private and puppy walks.

In semi-private walks, the dogs will go out together with, maybe, up to three other companions. Most firms stick to a policy of no more than four dogs at a time for fun and safety reasons. The dogs are never left unattended and their walkers are usually trained professionals.

The duration for each walk differs from company to company. It can range from just 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Establishments like NYC Dog Walkers for instance recommends 2-hour walks once or twice a week. This routine would give your dog or dogs the needed exercise, especially when they are overweight.

For dog lovers with money to spare, they may opt for private walks. For this kind of service, the dog will be walked privately and its owner usually have several options in terms of length and time. Specific instructions can be given to the dog walking service provider, such as going to the parks or visiting the vets.

It is possible to gather a few dogs in one walking session and safely walk them together. Most owners actually love this idea as it enables their dog to socialise and make new friends. Just make sure of one thing though – make sure the males and females mind their own business!

One of the leading dog walking service providers in New York is NYC Dog Walkers – short for  New York City Dog Walkers. It was founded in 2001 by Paul Columbia. Their well trained dog walkers, who are animal lovers and pet owners themselves, mostly serves dogs and their owners in the Manhattan area.

NYC Dog Walkers is also a bonded, and insured company. It is a member of the Pet Sitters International and a proud supporter of the New York ASPCA.